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About us

Nails..No, California..No, Business School...No...Nails


The idea that I could do nails as a career was on my mind since I was 17.  I grew up loving crafting.  Spending hours detailng coloring pages when I was in grade school to buying scads of scrap booking and card  making supplies through junior high,  I loved all parts of the creativity of it.  Then, I discovered nail polish in high school and I was addicted.

As I developed my skill with nail design and techniques, I was also deciding where my future after high school should be.   I looked into moving to California, going to business school and also staying close to home and attending college.   I was given a great scholarship and enrolled to pursue a degree in business administration...but the call to do nails was to strong.   I pulled the plug on that and set out to get my license as a nail technician.

I had a great and encouraging instructor as well as some very creative classmates that inspired me to achieve and design what I thought my abilities were.

Monday - Friday
11:00am - 9:00pm
9:00am - 3:00pm
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